A confession - I bought second-hand Crocs

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've a confession to make. I have previously expressed my dislike to a certain plastic shoe. I swore I'd never buy them, but, well, I did buy a pair, second hand, not that it makes it any better, and I bought them not for me, but for my son...Crocs

Photograph c/o we heart it

Why did I buy them??

1) For him to wear when we go to swimming lessons
2) They were 50c from a pre-loved childrens market, and thats a bargain

I am trying to justify this purchase but admitting that I actually find them really practical, which I can't believe I'm saying. Crocs are so incredibly easy to put on in a hurry, it doesn't matter if they get wet, and they are pretty hard wearing, if not ugly little things.

If we are comparing practicality to style, let me tell you, crocs are absolutely not a fashion statement, and I am sure that in 20 years time, my son will look back at photographs and say "Why Mum, did you have to put me in Crocs?"

At least they are not bright orange!

Interestingly, Crocs introduced a recycling campaign in recent years by the way of 'Crocs Cares'. The initiative receives unworn Crocs as donations from the general public living in the United States, and since 2007, has donated over 2.6 million pairs of shoes to those in need in more than 40 countries including Democratic Republic of The Congo, Haiti, Iraq, and Malawi. Anyone wishing to donate a pair of Crocs can find their nearest shoes dropoff location here (US only, unfortunately)

Photograph c/o Croc Cares Page Facebook Page


A Luz said...

Love the circling of the Crocs!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love crocs I have at least 10 pair ikr

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