Bayside Op Shop Tour on Derby Day

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another successful Bayside op shop tour came to an end yesterday; a good day had by all. The heavens opened, and the rain tumbled, but that didn't matter with op-shopping on the agenda, perhaps, in fact, a rainy day is the best day to shop?

Photograph c/o we heart it

We started our shopping day at 10am, where I met my fellow op-shoppers, 9 in total, including myself. Big respect to Pippi, flying in from Sydney just for the tour, starting her day at 4am, flying back home at 7pm, not getting back home till 9.30pm!

Birthday's on op shop tours are a fairly common occurrence, with three birthdays on this tour. Two hardcore op-shoppers from Werribee; sisters with bithdays a few days apart, came prepared with shopping trolleys on wheels...

Trolley's on wheels, but still not enough room for purchases!

The second birthday - an op shop tour gift from daughter to mother from Wantirna South, both of which signed up for the day.

A big treat on our first op-stop; a race day special - fill as much clothes as you can into one pink bag for $20. Op-tastic.

Melbourne op shop tours do not run on buses, but more sustainably on public transport. As we wait for the train to our next destination, we watch couples dressed in pretty frocks and smart suits, heading to the Derby Day races. Dressed so nicely, but in a few short hours, they would be cold, soaked to the core, but probably on the way to tipsy-land.

Derby Day photo c/o SMH

Five op shops later, a lunch stop, and a time to reflect on purchases:

Mustard Cue dress from Salvos

A gift for a god daughter

8 childrens story books for $2

Cute bubble dress

Oh look, a teacup and saucer with room for a biscuit

Our next stop takes us to a retro and vintage shop, followed by the recycle superstore, with two levels, an escalator and shopping trollies. Op-heaven. Tired but happy, a successful op-shopping tour, is one in which every op shopper finds something....mission accomplished.

The most hilarious find of the day:

80's black dazzler from Salvos, look at all that glitter!

Check out Melbourne op shop tours website for the next available dates. I lead Bayside's op-shop route, but there are 4 other journeys to choose from.


pippi said...

whoooo, i made it home. Thanks soooo much Erica.. I had the best day, and love love love my shoes. Ive got them in at the shop to have grippy soles put on them,.Will put a pic of them here when i get them back.

Thanks again erica. Its always so lovely to meet like minded people.

Unknown said...

Ah great to hear you got back OK, and those shoes you bought are amazing!

It was a great day, with a great group of people, I'm glad you could make it!

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