Kids Patchwork Jeans

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I saw these really cool little jeans on wardroberefashion, refashioned by Brisbane blogger Max California:

Coolest kids refashion, ever?

She refashioned her son's daggy jeans into skinny leg patched jeans, inspired by Gwen Stefani's son Kingston's trendy threads:

Inspired by the trendy lil' Kingston

Her refashion has inspired mine. Not so much to refashion daggy jeans for my son, but to lengthen them. I bought these jeans from a childrens market for $2.

The little man has worn them a fair bit as they fit pretty well around the waist, however, as he has understandly grown taller since I bought them in June, they've been swinging around his ankles of late.

I followed Max California's tutorial, but also cut the jeans in half around the knee, so that I could add in an extra 10cm or so.  I then patched up the gap with lots of cut up rectangles and squares from scrap material, jeans, and a pair of cords. Take a look at the inside of the jeans to see the gaps I've patched up:

:: Inside out showing the gaps in the middle ::

:: Patch worked up ::

I left the jeans fairly baggy as per their style, but I am pretty pleased with how they turned out



nicole said...

definitely needs a pocket patch on the bum!
they're the cutest! and what a great idea, definitely extends the life of the jeans :D

Anne said...

That's so cool! You can't even tell that they've been lengthened.

I linked to your project over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


Sarah Faith said...

lengthen with patches! brilliant! My son's pants are always holey and he only grows longer, never wider, so this is the perfect solution to both. Genius.

hed said...

Ack! So cute!!! I can't even sew a button, shame on me!

ari said...

Ah so cute! I love the way yours turned out :D

vingino said...


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