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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I found something lurking behind the glass at the counter of Parkdale Epilepsy op shop this week:

its red, its an anchor, and its jewelled.. $3, sold, love it

Initially I thought it would look nice as a brooch, but its fairly heavy, so figured a necklace would be better? One thing I did need however, was a necklace chain to hold my pretty new anchor pendant. Off I trott to Lincraft to buy a silver chain, but had a second thought, why not check out Savers, the 'Recycle Superstore' to see if any second hand silver chains are in stock. Sure enough there are plenty; I chose a chain for $4.. nice! By doing so, I saved myself some $ and felt much better not buying new.

Hello Sailor!

It really is quite satisfying piecing together thrifted knick knacks into one pretty piece, and on this occassion, it didn't take a lot of effort. There are, however, individuals creating much more than simple necklaces from thrifted knick knacks, I am talking about creative artists such as Sue from DivaJools. Sue creates "beautiful things from the worlds' discards". She picks up trinkets, bits and bobs, pretty and quirky things from thrift shops, and creates beautiful accessories.

Here are some of my favourites:

A beaded necklace made from a thrifted (shrunken) old sweater:

A bracelet made from a fork:

And this stunning necklace made for an exhibition, created from odd earrings, broken bit of bracelet, old keys, a charm bracelet from Germany, Swarovski crystals, a cameo, a brass heart teamed up with some broken necklaces, a little enameled bird, and the list goes on:

Junk transformed into Jewel!

You can follow Sue's creative pursuits on her blog, and purchase some of her pieces online.

Try it out for yourself, check out the goodies behind the glass cabinets in charitable shops, which are so often overlooked. You might be suprised at the goodies you find to create a unique accessory.

For more fabulous op shop finds visit Sophie @ Her Library Adventures


sue said...

How cool is that anchor? I read somewhere that the nautical look is back in for summer?! Thanks for the kind words too!

Sleekit said...

Great find! Love that last piece too x

Sleekit x

Blossomnbird said...

Fun fork bangle!

Knicky Knacks said...

Wow, that necklace looks amazing. My fav is the bracelet. The anchor necklace is so unique and original. What a great find.

Melissa said...

well done. looks great

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