De-cluttering and clothes swapping

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My wardrobe is a mess. This is probably due to long history of thrifting, eBaying and second hand market shopping ..whoopsie. On first glance, I would say 75% of my wardrobe consists of second-hand purchased garments. The remaining 25% I bought new at some point. My last item of new-new (not second hand 'new') fashion I purchased was from Zara and TopShop, in London, August 2009. I give myself a pat on the pack for sticking to my sustainable fashion guns, and resisting the urge to buy from the high street. And you know something? I don't miss retail shopping one bit.

Back to the matter in hand; my wardrobe mess. With the warmer weather slowly working its way in, I am feeling the need to spring clean.

Image c/o we heart it

Now I have started sorting through my wardrobe, I notice how many garments look remarkably similar. Are four pairs of tan/brown vintage and vintage-esque boots, ankle to knee length, a little excessive? Probably, but sorry wardrobe space, but these guys will be staying:

I do try selling clothes on eBay, but it can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive in fees if the items do not sell. I will be refashioning some of my wardrobe, but not everything can be saved. Of course I will be donating to the op shop, but there are some really good labels I am a little reluctant to part with, despite the fact they remain unworn.

I read about a clothes swapping event on Hayley Lau's blog Thinker Maker, which I'd not heard of before. It is called The Clothing Exchange.

"Since 2004, thousands of super-savvy ladies have made their way to our signature swaps with bags-full of fashions, fads and styles in tow. Our regular exchange events are a treasure trove of fabulous frocks, nice knits, slick suits and a colorful array of accessories. When the shop opens excited guests share histories of garments given and parade the one’s they’ve got. Buttons are the only currency that counts to buy a whole ‘new’ wardrobe at the exchange! Swap to shop and save your pennies and the planet!"

I've managed to score myself a ticket to the Spring Frock Swap at Federation Square, Melbourne this Friday 10th Sept from 6.30pm, with thanks to Stylewilderness who will be organising a craft table at the event.

Readers may be thinking why am I swapping stuff for more stuff? Well, the master plan is to de-clutter, rid my wardrobe of the unworn, and replace with a smaller amount of well-fitted quality garments that I will actually wear....hmm, well, that is the plan.

I will show n' tell the stuff I swapped on a blog post after this Friday. I'm excited about it! In the meantime, have any other blog readers attended a clothes swapping event somewhere in the world? I'd be interested to hear about it.


Peta said...

um, don't worry about your boot 'collection'. Did you see my latest post on shoes?!

hed said...

If I was lighter and lived in Melb I would so be there! Take pictures if you can :)

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