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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whilst browsing Flickr, I found a member going by the name of undoneclothing. Michelle from undoneclothing has tagged some of her images as 'upcycled' and voila, here are the results I found; watches, bags, purses, earrings and bracelets she has made from repurposed tape measures:

TM Watch - SQ Set of 5 -3

Quote: "Chic, simple and functional, this snappy timepiece is just what's needed to add that extra zip to your outfit. The watch band is repurposed from vinyl measuring tape and closes securely with a silver colored snap. The band is adjustable by simply snapping into the next closure. The square watch face is brand new Geneva quartz and stainless steel--simply remove the plastic tab to start the time movement. . The watch band has two snaps to fit at 7.5" (19.1 cm) and 8" (20.3 cm) around and easily fits most wrists."

tm coin purse lavender-1

Quote: "This handy little tape measure coin purse or pouch is the perfect size to tote in your handbag. Use it to carry around your spare change, cards and lipgloss or keep it handy by the sewing machine to hold essentials like a seam ripper, needles and even a measuring tape. The coin purse is hand woven and assembled with vinyl measuring tape, silver colored metal eyelets and a snap closure. Features one large pocket to store all you hold dear. Each pouch measures 4" (10.2 cm) across and 3" (7.6 cm) tall with a 1.75" (4.4 cm) flap."

But wait, undoneclothing does not stop at tape measure watches, check out this 'Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket' made from thousands of size, care and company branding labels that have been removed from a variety of different garments, carefully arranged and applied to an interfacing and stitched with a stippling pattern to quilt the tags together into a unique “fabric”.

Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket

Brand Identity Wearable Art Tags and Labels Jacket
*This is a work of art!*

Quote: "They say that “the clothes define the man” and that “image is everything”. Every season we look to the biggest names on Madison Avenue to show us what is fashionable, fabulous and fitting. Our environment is bombarded by logos and images advertising one of the three basic needs of man—food, shelter and CLOTHING."

Michelle from undoneclothing also has a rather impressive collection of vintage hats worth a view



For any craft makers / refashionistas / vintage lovers wishing to showcase their collections, it would be worth opening up a free Flickr account.

Many people may consider Flickr as a site for beginner to professional photographers to showcase their photographic skills and ability, however, Flickr can be used as an effective advertising tool for a business.

Writing the correct title, description, and utilisting tags may result in your uploaded images being found in Flickr's search engine results, which may result in new customers. An article on marketing on flickr can be found here

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