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Friday, August 20, 2010

I got myself another little blog recognition. An email arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago telling me I'd been selected for an inclusion into a list of 'top 100 green blogs for students' courtesy of OnlineDegrees ( is a leading online education portal) How nice to be found, and chosen for the list!

Some other fabulous blogs worth checking out on the top 100 list include:

Budget Confessions "I was inspired to start writing a blog with an environmental slant when I realized how much the environment affects other areas of my family’s lives, like our finances,” explains eco blogger Cate. “For example, using environmentally-friendly cleaning products (like vinegar and baking soda) is much cheaper than buying chemical-laden products to do the same job…I use things that are tried and true: vinegar and baking soda, a Rubbermaid compost bin…Being environmentally-friendly often means saving money and helping your community to boot.” Recommended posts: “Frugal Meatless Meals: Bean Tacos” and “Simple gift giving.”

Glamology "Out of my own search for natural products and education about the beauty industry, I created Glamology to help educate others on the dangers of conventional skin care products and to help people make healthy and responsible lifestyle choices,” explains Charmaine Leah Cianciullo, who works as a professional esthetician and skin therapist. “The average adult uses 9 personal care/cosmetic products daily and is exposed to over 168 chemicals each day. What I really hope readers learn is that we all need to be more aware about what we buy and what products we use.” Recommended posts: “Top 10 Safest Sunscreens – 2010 EWG Sunscreen Guide” and “Tips to Green Your Beauty Routine.”

The Eco Diva Because every diva needs fashionable clothes and beauty products, this site updates readers on eco-friendly cosmetics, fashion and accessories. The site’s author also writes reviews for the products on her site, and readers can submit questions for the weekly “Ask The EcoDiva!” series. Recommended posts: “Fast, Easy and Cheap DIY Recipes For Face, Body And Hair” and “Top 5 Benefits to Using Eco Friendly Beauty Products.”

Check out the full list here

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