Refashioned Kids GAP Jacket

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Word on the street - GAP, the American clothing chain-store, is finally opening its doors to the Australian retail public, with the first shop to open in Chadstone, Melbourne. A Sydney store will open in 2011. More details here

Presently, the only GAP clothing to be purchased in our Antipodean land would be second hand garments in op shops, pre-loved markets, auction sites and the like. Earlier in the year, I found a GAP denim jacket in Red Cross op shop, Frankston. It is a child's jacket (size XL), with embroidered patches that I couldn't resist.

I occasionally fit into large sized childrens clothing.. yes, yes, I know that frustrates the hell out of some people, but let me tell you, I might be slight, but I am cetainly not blessed with height!

I purchased this jacket on whim. I didn't need it, and bought it in a rush, without trying it on, as I do most of the time with a bored toddler in tow. As a result, soon discovered the sleeves are indeed made for a child, and stop before my wrists....that will teach me.

The jacket sat in my wardrobe unworn for months, but now I have discovered refashioning, a thought crossed my mind; why not cut the sleeves and make a short sleeved jacket? And voila, a very simple wardrobe refashion, with a 'new' summer jacket I can wear. I am glad I could give my jacket a new lease of life, without having to donate it back the op shop for the second time around!

I cut off the cuffs, and shortened the sleeves. I did however find the cuffs far too bulky to get under the needle of my sewing machine, so instead, stitched the cuffs back on by hand... took slightly longer than anticipated.

I wear my jacket with a long sleeve top in the photo, but for summer, this jacket will be fab with short sleeves.

Moral of the story is, don't overlook second hand kids clothing, you might be able to rework it into adult fashion!


Peta said...

i always have a bit of a scout in the kids section!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment PJ! It is good to check out kids section... sometimes I find actual adult clothes in the kids section too, hehe

marian said...

oh aren't you clever..i LOVE it!! thanks for a FAB idea!

Angie - Sew I Thought said...

I love the kids section... the little boy section has the perfect size tees and jackets!!

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