Reconstructed t-shirt dresses - dont ditch the fluro yet!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We've seen our fair share of fluorescents in fashion over the the past few years, with brightly coloured garments now filtering their way into the op shops. Flurorescents may have had their time, but vibrant colours teamed with black are appearing on the catwalk as seen at the recent Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010/11 with Romance is Born's collection:

Having been inspired by a lime and black revamped dress made from two Lyme Disease CALDA charity t-shirts by VictoriousVixen, I wanted to give my own t-shirt dress a try.

VictoriousVixen's Revamped T-Shirt Dress

A few weeks ago I purchased a bright pink skirt picked from an op shop's 50c rack, originally chosen for its fabric as my plan was to make decorations from it. However, I thrifted a billabong t-shirt for $2 this week - black with a bright palm tree fluro print; a match with the fabric from my 50c skirt! The idea in my head was to create a simple dress stitching both the t-shirt and skirt together. I was able to do just that during a sewing tution with Hayley at thinker maker (ethical craft and mindful living blogger) now found at Heidi & Seek.



Hayley's advice was to cut off the top of the skirt, and bottom of the t-shirt, and stitch some elastic to the waist line. To be fair, Hayley did the sewing, and showed me how to do this in the future, but my idea turned out cool, eh? It is far too cold to model my new dress today, but I'll do so when the weather warms up.


VictoriousVixen said...

awesome Erica! Thanks for sharing my Revamped T-shirt Dress Tutorial...I am really loving Upcycling clothes & making them funky fresh! Keep on sewing! =)

Ashley said...

YAY Nani!!!

OK I need some shirts! I want to try this sooooo bad!

Recycled Ink Cartridges said...

Very impressive, thanx for sharing!

Thea said...

Oh sweet memories. I remember having swimmers the colours of Victorious Vixen's dress back in the day.

mylittlebirdie said...

that dress is gorgeous, great colours and great idea! : )

sue said...

Looks good - love a revamp!

Cherie said...

Gorgeous and clever too - love your creativity ♥

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