Rainy Sunday Cooking

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Melbourne winter must be on its way out soon, but for now, the cold weather remains. Here is a photograph taken yesterday from a last minute decision to visit to Cape Schanck Lighthouse Reserve on the Mornington Peninsula. There is something magical about wild weather and the open sea, with a lighthouse thrown in for good scenery!

I am wearing my Bauhaus winter coat from Salvos. My son wears a beautiful second hand embroidered cardigan from a childrens market, which cost $2.

Today the heavens opened, and down came the rain, so we didn't fancy going out at all. Instead, I flicked through some of my thrifted cook books. For those that may recall my vegemite outfit blog post, I purchased a 'retro' vegemite cook book from an op shop for $1. Nothing like a good hearty bread to eat on a cold wintery day; I opted for the Cheese and Onion Loaf recipe.

Here is the end result; it doesn't look like the picture, but it turned out yummo:

I added some sweetcorn for a bit of something extra.

Sometimes cold rainy winter days arent so bad afterall...

Recipe shared with wotsfortea

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