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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As seen on fashion blogs fashionpeach and trenddoll, Oxford flats and Brogue shoes are hot to trot.

Wikipedia terminology of the brogue shoe

"often known as wingtips in the United States, are low-heeled shoes made of heavy leather, originating in Scotland and Ireland as a coarse, usually untanned leather shoe. The term wingtip derives from the toe cap pattern, which forms a W and resembles the profile of spreading bird wings"

An androgynous trend; oxfords and brogues are traditionally a men's country shoe, but can still look suprisingly feminine when matched with stockings, skinny jeans or leggings.

You would be looking at anywhere between £30 - £130 for a pair of new brogues on 'fast fashion' British online retailer

asos new brogues

However, I am not writing this post to endorse fast fashion, but to promote a more ethical way to keep in fashion. Brogues have traditionally been made with high quality English leather, therefore the likelihood is you will find a pair of vintage brogues in excellent condition.

A lucky thrifter scored a pair of 20+ year old Lloyd's Oxford shoes in High Street, Kew last month for just $10! She posted her find on I op therefore I am

Thrifted Lloyd oxford flats from Kew

I have my eye on a pair of Miu Miu leather lace up brogues on Starting bid @ $100, which is a lot of money for little me, but for designer shoes, they are a steal:

Mui Mui brogues on ebay

If time is not on your side when seeking second hand, consider buying ethically handmade brogues from goldenponies which sell handcrafted 100% leather brogues-oxfords made in Mexico:

goldenpondies two-tone oxfords/brogue flats

"Handcrafted bags and shoes, everything made in Mexico, with good quality and price, not everything well made had to be overpriced, is just fair trade"

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