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Monday, August 9, 2010

Recycled fashion, and charitable donations; they go hand in hand, right? You buy clothing from thrift stores, get a nice 'new' garment, and your money goes to medical research, overseas aid, environmental initiatives, supporting sick and deprived children, homeless people, mentally and physically disabled people, animal welfare, and so on.

Although how many people really consider the charity they are supporting when buying second hand fashion? I can't say I've given much thought to my local parish opportunity shop, other than the fact that the lady volunteers are lovely, and I am blessed with weekly bargains.

My past blog posts have mentioned ways in which accessories can be made using recycled products, which benefit charitable organisations, such as AfriBeads beautiful paper necklaces from Uganda.

I have started to think about a fundraiser of my own that I could do for a charity close to my heart, GVI Phoenix in Guatemala, of which I used to work with. GVI Phoenix believes that education, both primary and secondary, as well as daily food, are basic human rights and is attempting to combat the imbalances of these rights through GVI Phoenix volunteers and the GVI Charitable Trust GVI Charitable Trust.

The the following drawing has been done by a child at one of the GVI Phoenix funded schools, it has been emailed to me from Guatemala, isnt it gorgeous? I love the colours!

So, I printed the picture, using recycled paper of course, and used fabric from a thrifted pillowcase, coupled with a button from my collection to create a onesie babygrow.

The fundraising idea would be to sew these designs onto childrens clothes. I will continue with this once our Recycled Fashion e-commerce site has been developed.

Then, coincidently, a recent follower of Recycled Fashion on Twitter sparked my attention GeboMana An online limited–edition organic T-shirt company, with sales benefiting education of children in developing countries. Every GeboMana T-shirt is unique and is numbered by hand making it part of a limited edition. T-shirts are 100% organic cotton, handcrafted in Bali Indonesia. Every T-shirt is part of a limited edition. Most of the designs are only US$49 (some premium T-shirts with intricate embellishments are US$59 or US$69). T-shirts are gift wrapped, boxed and shipped worldwide.

GeboMana Foundation

Here are some of my favourite designs from the GeboMana range:

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