The 50c rack

Friday, August 6, 2010

Marissa from NewDressADay blog fame budgets herself at $1 a day to recreate her wardrobe refashions. Check out her recent interview with Time Magazine.

Her lastest 'before' and 'after' wardrobe refashion is very cute - very babydoll!

So this week, at Cheltenham Opportunity shop, I went straight to the 50c rack at the back of the store, to see what I could find. The 50c rack generally stocks clothes that have stains, tears, or are pretty horrific! For the first attempt to make a refashioned top completely from scratch for my son, I chose these two T Shirts; the only two left on the rack that were not pink!

And from these T Shirts I created my first childrens top. The colours are slightly garish, but overall, I am pretty pleased considering it cost me just $1!

From this day forth, I shall be rummaging the 50c rack...


Paper Tree Studio said...

Wow, how cool is that!! You did a fantastic job - who would have thought you could do that with $1?!! Look forward to more of your creations. Hope you have a great weekend. Michelle

Ashley said...

Totally adorable!

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