Would you donate clothing to charity for an incentive?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An interesting article via Inside Retailing. Australian clothing retailer Country Road have teamed up with The Red Cross to launch 'Fashion Trade':

"Country Road and Red Cross have united to bring together social conscience and fashion by forming Fashion Trade, a clothing donation program. Aimed to reduce landfill and raise money, the program encourages people to donate pre-loved Country Road clothing in exchange for vouchers. Keen to know more? Gather all your unwanted Country Road clothes and accessories and take them to your local Red Cross retail store where you'll receive a $10 voucher to put towards your next purchase over $50 at Country Road."

This might sounds like a good idea; your past season Country Road clothing gets recycled to another wanted buyer, which also raises money for a charitable cause, but isn't this designed to get consumers to spend more money on clothes, thus not reducing landfill at all? Something to think about.

If you do buy new Country Road clothing, then maybe it is worth trading in your old if you intend to buy new, you'll receive your $10 voucher, but only to be used against purchases over $50.

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