Vintage coat for me, and refashion for the boy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A few weeks ago I purchased a beautiful bright blue vintage coat from Salvos for $7.

When I got home, I found a check print handkerchief in the pocket; result! Two things for the price of one! I washed it, and put away with my new fabric stash. I had an idea this week to refashion one of my sons plain long sleeve tops using the handkerchief material. I bought his top for $2 from a pre-loved childrens market a few months back. I found a scotty dog shape online, printed it, cut it out, and stitched onto his top, and here it is. So easy!


sharingjam said...

don't you wish we could all walk around with scotty dogs on our fronts?? That is so brilliant and it looks pretty easy!! (Please tell me it was!!) I can just image a whole pack of scotty dogs running all over my tshirts covering up my soup stains!!! Thanks for the great idea!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting! The scotty dog was sooo easy, even as a beginner, it only took me half an hour max!

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