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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little off topic from fashion, but still on topic with reusing fabric, a few days ago I found these innovative upcycled products for sale online; reusable food wraps.

Moving away from the conventional yet environmentally un-friendly cling wrap, these Australian designed reusable food wraps have been handmade using mostly upcycled fabric.

"Wraps are a perfect addition to any lunchbox, suitcase, handbag or esky. Lined with food grade PVC table liner on the inside, these wraps keep food fresh for hours. Simply wrap your snacks like a present and adjust the velcro tabs to fit. To clean, simply wipe off and throw in a cold wash when they need a thorough clean, then line dry and reuse!"

"Wraps come in a range of colours and styles to suit both children and adults. These snack wraps (approx 20X20 cm) fit about 4 cookies, or 8 rice crackers, a few carrot of celery sticks, 1 medium-small muffin or cupcake. Fantastic for handbags and you don't end up with a pile of crumbs at the bottom of your bag."

Cas McCullough, mother of three, author of web portal mumatopia, and creator of 'Its a wrap' makes her food envelopes with fabrics which she find in op shops, or materials her friends donate to her. "The lining used on the inside is new because of health and safety. It is food grade plastic table liner which I source from Spotlight." says Cas

"The great thing about these wraps is that they can be used over and over indefinitely. We hardly ever use cling wrap anymore. I even wrap cheese and bits of fruit etc for the fridge. My fridge looks really pretty too now! When we go out they can double as picnic place mats, they take up a lot less room in bags than plastic containers and fold up really small when they're empty. I have a personal stash of about 10 that we go through each week and the kids love them. They are big enough to hold large sandwiches and the large size can hold three large sandwiches. The snack wraps are great for handbags too!"

Wraps start from AU$10, with free postage via Mumatopia's online store this July and August

For further info and for care instructions, visit mumatopia or keep up to date with tweets via mumatopia on twitter

The perfect gift for eco-conscious foodie fan.

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nadine paduart said...

this is such a great idea ... thank you for bringing it to the attention.

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