Nearly Roadkill

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A good friend of mine, posted a picture on my facebook page of a wallet she bought last week:

I quote: "It's made in Melbourne from recycled tyres. I've been thinking of recycled goods thanks to you! I bought this as a gift and a pair of Ethiko sneakers for myself. Everyone's a winner" How nice!

The wallet is made by 'Nearly Roadkill' and was purchased at Friends of the Earth retail shop in Collingwood, Melbourne.

"Nearly Roadkill's wallets are made out of recycled car upholstery, just saved from their fate as road kill. With a range of unique designs, these wallets are one off’s. Individually hand crafted, every wallet has their own special feature; no two wallets are the same. NEARLY ROADKILL are passionate about recycling materials and have found an innovative way to create the everyday accessories to make your life as eco-friendly as possible."

Nearly Roadkill, what a great name!


Sleekit said...

Love this, such a great idea and stylish too

Sleekit x

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a cool idea .... and looks great, too.

Love this blog :)

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