Recycled Outfit

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Todays recycled outfit is relatively 'new':

Jacket: 99p from
Boots: $15.50 from
Skirt refashioned: 50c (for material)

Jacket: by British high street retailer Principles. Tag still remains (RRP £85!) I had this shipped from the UK by my Mum, that was three months ago; I received it last week. I love the back panel of the jacket, still a bit wrinkled, I should have ironed it before the photograph.

Boots: bought from seller johndeb44 on ebay

Skirt I refashioned myself from a pair of shorts, left over doilys, and some op shopped material bought for 50c. More details to follow on the next post.

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The Redgewells said...

Good outfit and the jacket...after its long journey looks amazing. What a good find.

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