Op Shopper's Guide to Adelaide, SA

Friday, July 23, 2010

People tell me Adelaide is filled with many op shops. If you find yourself in South Australia's capital, and feel the need to shop thriftfully, fear not, your guide is here!

Bec, a student blogger from Adelaide has a blog called The Secret Lives of Op Shops showcasing some of her op shop delights to the blog reading world. Bec has very kindly created a google map guide to op shops in Adelaide

Here is the link to her Adelaide op shop map

Realistically you'll need a car to get to all of these op shops, but if you're a visitor in the city, and don't have access to a car, why not join an op shop tour?

You Us And A Bus tours are renowned for their 'Mystery Op Shop Tours'. Shelly and Rowena have been taking people tours since May 2009. They take off to the Op Shops on the last Saturday of every month.

Shelly and Rowena have themed op shop dress up days when they dress up in the "theme of the tour" and have a bit of a laugh. Such themed op shop tours include op-shop bridesmaids (for the Hen's Tours), Christmas elves, Vintage Diva's in vintage nighties and very soon there will be the Wicked Witch of the West and Dorothy on the 'Wicked West Op Shop Tour'!

Sounds so much fun. Check out the You Us and a Bus website


Bec said...

Hi Erica, thanks so much for featuring my blog! I love how the focus of your blog is on recycled and eco-friendly fashion. I'm learning to sew at the moment so that I can alter some of my op-shop finds.

I definitely agree that having a car is the best way to get around to op shops but I've been on op shop tours for the Fringe and You Us and A Bus before and they're a good way to get to some oppies you don't usually visit.

Unknown said...

No problem Bec, I think your Adelaide map is very useful! Glad to hear you've also been on a few op shop tours including You Us and A Bus, they sound fantastic!

I too am learning to sew, I think it will open up more doors to our op shopping adventures..

Thanks for writing

Unknown said...

This is wonderful and just what I have been looking for. I will be visiting storage Adelaide in a few weeks and I have thought of doing some shopping but I was afraid I might be spending way too much over my budget. However, with this guide I am bound to stay within my limits. Thanks for sharing and you are indeed the thrift guru!

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