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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley, a 17th-century London draper. They are crocheted and sometimes knitted out of cotton or linen thread. Openwork allows the surface of the underlying object to show through. In addition to their decorative function doilies have the utilarian role of protecting fine-wood furniture from the scratches caused by crockery or decorative objects. * Wikipedia

Doily's it appears have become trendy again. No longer associated with your Grandma, the doily adds a certain vintage femininity to an outfit or accessory. Here are some handmade, upcycled doily treats

Crochet Lace Necklace - 'trefoil' - unbleached cotton US$25

Alice in Wonderland blue green fantasy slipdress makeover, size medium large US$48

I popped into my local op shop this week to donate some clothes that I no longer wear, and came out with three little beauties, a clutch bag, and some doily’s for a total of $1.

I have been inspired by Moo Bear Designs Gina Purse Range, utilising doily's on purses, and created my own upcycled creation.

I didnt use my sewing machine, for fear I would break the needle through the clutch bag's thick PVC fabric, I stitched by hand with 'invisible thread' and a good needle. The little jewel is pinched from a pair of heels I op shopped ages ago that I haven't worn.

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MooBear Designs said...

What a great treasure shop find. Thank you for linking me and letting me know I inspired you!! Let's save the planet pen clutch at a time hehe...

Xo Steph

nadine paduart said...

the doily necklace looks a stunner!

Thea said...

I love the use of doileys. Save the doileys!

Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

Very anthro! Love it!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is the cutest idea! I've been thinking of trying to do a rosette of some sort made with doilies and a jewel in the middle~ I love the idea of using these vintage beauties in a new way...thanks for sharing, I'm inspired!

Steph said...

Love that clutch! SO clever!! Hope you're having a lovely start to your week :)

Cherie said...

Ohhh nice one - love how you got all that for $1 and ended up with a million dollar clutch ;) Gorgeous! See you next week. xo.

Madam Salami said...

Ah I saw the purse on Wardrobe refashion!
Loving your blog, I also remake clothing and other items from recycled materials - check out my blog
(you'll have to skip past the wedding and kitten posts to get the making bits!)

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