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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With a growing interest in environmental sustainability in terms of reusing, recycling and repairing rather than disposing and buying new, there are an increasing number of people creating clothing with second hand vintage and antique fabrics. Technically antique would be considered 1920's and before, vintage refers to 1920s to 1980s, although 1990's clothing is now considered 'vintage' as the decade has passed 20 years.

Fabulous fabrics that reflecting trends from bygone era's:

Trippy psychedelic mod paisley 60s viyella available from

Cherry Antique Fabric circa 1920 from

1940's Silk Brocade available from

Yesterday I came accross two Australian artisans creating beautiful products for children using vintage fabrics.

Kate from LilysLane makes these adorable vintage fabric childrens shoes by hand, the cost is a very reasonable $25 per pair.

LilysLane's beautiful shoes!

LilysLane Facebook Page

And utilising vintage fabric need not not stop with clothing garments, as I discovered these beautiful handcrafted hobby horses made by Elke from CalamityBolt, at $97

Calamity Bolt hobby-horses are handcrafted in Australia from
* Authentic Vintage/Reclaimed/Salvaged Fabric, carefully selected and prepared and lined for durability
* Sustainable Pine
* Natural Tung and Orange Oil Wood Finish, dries hard and is non-staining
* Wool Felt
* Resilient Fibre Filling, firmly filled

CalamityBolt's Facebook page

Aren't they the most devine childrens toys you've ever seen? I think so!

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