70's shirt to peasant dress for toddler

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Take a mens 70's shirt, throw in some imagination, creativity and talent and you go from this...

..to this:

A beautiful peasant toddlers dress, which fits 3T (for sale at $40 through Jakboutique)

"While upcycling a man's shirt into this dress, I had such an aswesomely fun time imagining what kind of man would have worn this print in the 1970s. Even after hours of speculation I never came to any definite conclusions. Was it ever fashionable for man to wear a fine-wale corduroy shirt that sports a big, bold flower print? Good thing it makes such an adorable girls' dress. It's perfect for spring in 2010, but it's still obviously retro and vintage. Plus, it's recycling at its finest. Good fashion that's good for the earth." Speaks Michelle, member of wardrobe refashion, and creator of this beautiful upcycled creation.

"I chopped up the original shirt, added some raw-edge tuxedo ruffles down the front, and elasticized the neck and arms. It will best fit a size 2T to 3T, and it measures approximately 16" from the armpit to the shortest part of the hem on the side."

Wardrobe refashion produces a constant stream of upcycled fashion pieces uploaded by its community of talented members reworking old clothing into new.

"When I joined Wardrobe Refashion I thought I was doing so mainly to save money; now it's become so much more to me to recycle clothes. It's great for our pocketbook, for sure, but it's also good for the environment, for worker's rights, for our family (creativity, resourcefulness, originality...the list goes on). I am definitely a refashioner for life!" Michelle tells me when I asked her about her beautiful dress.

This dress, along with other wardrobe refashion creations can be purchase through Michelles online store Jakboutique. She away at the moment, but be sure to check her boutique again soon for more delightful upcycled clothing available to buy.

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Tim S said...

Love the shirt and oh yeah love the dress too.

Keep up the good work.

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