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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anyone living in Melbourne will appreciate, its bloody cold at the moment, and I need to keep my head warm. So off I trot to Salvos in Mentone earlier in the week, and purchased myself this black beanie/wooly hat/cap for $3. Just what I needed. Naturally I washed my hat when I got home, and wore it for the first time today.

No the hat doesnt pull down over my eyes so I can't see, I'm just a little camera shy!

It was particularly frosty and stormy this morning as I waited to meet my friend for coffee, but that didn't matter now I had my hat. (I also dressed my son in his $3 beanie hat, and $7 winter coat from Savers, the frugal mother that I am)

My friend compliments my 'new' hat, but cringes when I say its from Salvos "I'd never buy a hat from the Oppy" she says.

I also have a friend that will never buy second hand shoes, but she will happily purchase recycled clothing.

This is an interested one - would you buy a second hand hat?

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Anonymous said...

I've got no problem with second hand hats, or second hand shoes (got a few pairs myself) but the Salvation Army shop round the corner from me is selling second hand swimming suits ... not so sure about that.

Great website. But it would be. It's by my favourite niece.

Aunty D

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