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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slotting in with Sophies Flea Market Finds, I give thanks to my son for my find this week.

Anyone with children will appreciate, its really hard work op shopping with a toddler. So my trick is to find the first toy, book, whatever, give that to my son to look at whilst quickly browsing, perhaps find another toy, book, whatever and then buy it, or put it back on the self on exit. This works for, ooooo around 5 minutes, then he is bored and cries, and we have to leave. Fun.

Well this time, whilst at one of my favourite op shops AAPS in Cheltenham, my son grabbed one of those $2 plastic bags filled with toys and was delighted with the amount of toy cars in to play with (5 cars!). Amongst these cars was a little beauty; a vintage style pale blue ute toy, I love it, and whilst he does play with the ute at home, it sits really pretty on the mantlepiece above my fireplace:


mylittlebirdie said...

i can completely relate to opping with a toddler not my favourite exercise but one that with perseverance and endurance i hope will get better and easier with time! : )
i love that ute its gorgeous i never look in those bags cos they're usually not worth a look i will now think differently! : )

Catherine said...

op shopping with little ones is tricky, isn't it - I've lost count of the things I've bought at op shops just to buy a few more minutes of fossicking (luckily, normally spending 50c or so in the process!). Glad you / he found a treasure this time!

sue said...

That looks like fun -and reminds me of utes from the farm back in the day! When my kids were little all the op shops seemed to be staffed by older women who thought kids and babies were lovely and they were happy to entertain mine whilst I shopped - some even kept milk arrowroot biscuits on hand for the kids. Recently a volunteer told me she works in the shop to reduce her availability for child-minding duties for her grandkids! Oh how the worm has turned.

BOB & MABEL said...

What a great find, I love the little ute!

The Redgewells said...

What a great little find, love the little car. Even if it is express shopping/hunting for goodies

Steph said...

Oh yes...I do exactly the same thing with my little poppet! That ute is gorgeous...what a wonderful find. Hope all is well in your world :)

Sleekit said...

What a cute little ute, my son would love that too. I agree shopping with toddlers is a mighty task, I usually resort to food but that don't last long, my boy has the appetite of a grown man.

sleekit x

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