Recycled Grunge

Monday, June 14, 2010

The grunge look is still with us. This reworked 90's messy masculine trend started back around May 2009, and was perhaps influenced by Alexander Wang’s 2009 collections:

Coupled with celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen, Rachel Bilson, and Kirsten Stewart flying the grunge flag:

The oversized jumpers, the ripped jeans, the unisex shirts, heavy boots..we've seen this all before, right? Yes indeed. Grunge from the 90's I remember wearing myself, but clothes from this era are now considered (shock) vintage! You'll find plenty of vintage jumpers, old jeans, and shirts for sale in second hand stores and markets to recreate that original grunge look. Some of my vintage jumpers:

Paisley?! Yes, paisley!

Grandad jumpers are cool don't you know?

Grunge and beautiful do not usually fit into the same sentence, however, if you care to be persuaded that grunge can be stylish, you may want to check out the following blog written by a talented Los Angeles photographer Lauren Melanie Her blog is called Fashion Grunge and as the title portrays, is dedicated to all things fashionably grunge, but presented in a chic and very stylish way.

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