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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I follow a blog called Fashion Peach, written by Journeywoman. Fashion Peach has all the lastest fashion news on latest looks, style profiles, trends to avoid and much more. A blog for any fashionista to save as a favourite, Fashion Peach is one of my key resources to find out which trends are 'in' or coming soon. I then search for these looks second hand, either online, via op shops, vintage stores, second hand markets, or even through my wardrobe.

Fashion Peach post dated 31st May speaks of the recent popularity of fringed bags. Very boho! I like. Fringed Bags

Well, a little disappointment yesterday as I missed out on a vintage fringed bag on eBay in the last minute! I put my bid in with 1 minute to go, someone else put in a bid in the final few seconds.

Here is the bag I missed out on:

Sad face :(

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