Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Introducing Ethikl Fair Trade, Organic, Ethical Shopping - An online marketplace for buying and selling all things natural, handmade, and organic.


Ethikl started only this year, after its founder Peita Gardiman found no shops selling truely ethical products. Considering Ethikl has only been in existence for six months, it is growing rapidly in popularity.

Some wise words from Peita:

"We live in a throwaway society where a dizzying array of products are available. We are constantly being told to buy, buy, buy! Yet every item we purchase requires both natural and human resources to manufacture, package and transport. We all love a bargain, but when you are paying only $5 for a t-shirt, maybe it's time to ask some questions."

"The Ethikl Marketplace is made up of small, independent artisans who produce high quality, ethical products that have a positive impact on people and the planet. We want to help you, the ethical consumer, find anything from fair-trade products, to organic food, handmade clothes, unique gifts and natural beauty products."

In a previous blog post I’d mentioned my visit to a non-profit street children's centre in Manila a few years ago, when I met some inspirational children making jewellery out of recycled magazines. Children involved in BT's programs have a chance to earn income and develop new skills by making these handicrafts. The work and working conditions are carefully monitored to ensure they are appropriate to the child’s age and development and that they will contribute to the advancement of the child’s skills. Here are some of those jewellery pieces:

In addition to jewellery pieces made from recycled magazines, there are colourful bags made from recycled materials made by a Filipino women’s co-op, many of which are family members involved with the non-profit organisation to help these children in need of special protection in The Philippines. I have some upcycled bags for sale on Ethikl to raise money for the cause. The bags below are made from:

Discarded juice cartons stitched together into tote shopper bags

Discarded telephone directories, carefully woven into basket bags

Chip packets woven together to make clutch, hand bags and purses

Not only are these bags and purses a sustainable product saving trash from landfill, but each bag sold raises money for the non-profit Filipino organisation.

The clutch bag below has recently sold, but there are more on their way, which will soon be listed on Ethikl.

Link to Recycled Fashion's Ethikl store can be found here Ethikl

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