Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For many, nothing beats the feeling of wearing a brand new garment. Well how about this; make your own 'new'clothes? No chance, you might think, I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

Reading Frankie Magazine on the train this morning, I read with interest a small article referring to a new London label DIYcouture. DIYcouture have introduced a new line of clothing with a difference, instead of selling garments off the rack, they sell books with simple patterns and designs for anyone to try at home. Imagine that, a feeling of wearing something new, but with the added bonus of knowing you made it with your own hands. Plus because you can choose your own fabric, why not buy second hand material, and make a completely sustainable fashion piece? Nice! Their website lists instructions for beginner sewers, some examples:

How to straightstitch
How to make a loop fastening
How to make a pleated skirt

As well as advice on choosing fabrics

Some photographs from DIY's collection

Make your own hoodie

Make your own kaftan

Check out more DIY fashion on DIYcouture's website

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