Wonder Soap

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buying second hand clothing does not come without frustrations. Buying new and finding a fault when you get home isn’t a problem; simply take back to the shop with a receipt for a refund. Buying second hand and finding a fault when you get home is a different story. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve bought what I’ve thought to be a bargain, and then found stains, rips, tears or missing buttons when I get home. Perhaps I ought to be pickier, or at least fully inspect the clothing before buying, but that’s a bit embarrassing isn’t it?

There is a product my Mum bought for me last week to try on stubborn stains. It is certainly not fool proof, as doesn’t get all stains out, but it helps. The soap is called SARD Wonder Soap

Another method I’ve used on stubborn stains is good old fashioned bi-carb of soda. Mix with a little water to form a paste, rub onto nasty stain and leave for 24 hours before washing.

Try it.

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