Where do fashion trends start?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

So i’ve been thinking – where do fashion trends start? Obviously there are clothes that appear on the catwalk, and are eventually watered down to a buyer friendly retail version, but fashion designers must have been inspired somewhere and possibly by someone? Who and where?

Here are some theories:

1. Fashion trends start in Japan, on the streets of Tokyo
2. Celebrities start trends (Madonna and pointy bra? Michael Jackson and pointy shoulder pads?!)
3. Current movies or themes (Twilight Vampires or Pirates of the Caribbean?!)
4. A domino effect; someone on the streets of London Soho might wear skinny leg jeans, another Londoner might like the look and copy, a visitor from New York will see this, and start wearing them back in America etc..

My vote goes for Japan. If only due to this awesome website I found showing photos of Japanese street fashion: The originality of some of these outfits are amazing. Look at this hat; sort of old school air hostess? Love it!

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