Mornington Antique Centre

Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of my favourite things to do on a rainy Sunday is to take a trip to The Mornington Antique Centre on Tyabb Road.

I call this place the 'Antique Warehouse', and is one of the biggest treasure troves I've ever been luckily enough to find, all 60,000 square feet of it.

One can easily spend half a day browsing rows upon rows of furniture, memorabilia, toys, trunks, second hand and vintage clothes, paintings, cameras, old knitting patterns..and you might even find an old vintage car for sale (which was of most interest to my son)

Many traders within the centre sell vintage clothing and accessories, with some selling fairly recent second hand clothing labels. Here are some snap shots:

The Mornington Antique Centre is constantly changing due to the regular cycle of goodies that come and go. It is hard to leave such a mass of second hand delights without a purchase. I bought nothing this time, but there are two treasures I am deliberating on, and may go back during the week to see if they are still there.

The Mornington Antique Centre has to be seen to be believed. Please check it out of you happen to be visiting Melbourne's South East Peninsula.

Mornington Antique Centre
65 Tyabb Rd, Mornington (03) 5977 0155


Sleekit said...

Those line of boots look too tempting!

Sleekit x

Unknown said...

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that the place that is photographed is in fact the Mornington Antique Centre, which is located just past the roundabout on Mornington-Tyabb Rd and Dunns Road in Mornington. It is absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately it is due to be pulled down to make way for a new "Bunnings type" development. It will be sorely missed, I have bought soooooo much stuff from there!


Unknown said...

Hi Julie

Are you serious? This place is closing down? NO WAY! Do you know when?


Anonymous said...

I heard they aren't closing till next year - and the guy at the counter said they were relocating.... fingers crossed that place is awesome

Unknown said...

Thank goodness. Interesting to see where it will locate to

Anonymous said...

Yes the Mornington Antique centre is sadly closing after all this this to make way for Woolworths development.
It is a great opportunity to grab yourself an absolute bargain as we all wind down for relocation. There are many big sales now on with big reductions. Many have 30% - 50% off all stock.
A great opportunity for dealers to stock up. Already a popular haunt for dealers and collectors there's sure a flood of buyers flocking to this golden opportunity.
One of my favorite Stalls is P8 They have everything from Tessa, Arabia. Iittala, art glass and German pottery. All items on stall P8 will be on sale at an amazing 30% off from Saturday 18th September.
The centre finishes trading on the 10th of October!!
Be sure to grab some great deals.
Bulk trade deals welcome.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where they are relocating to?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have an idea where it is relocating to? I sadly missed the closing down sale. I had been going there for a few years and would always walk away with great stuff. Boo hoo.

Unknown said...

I'm still on the look out, but so far I haven't found the relocation...

Anonymous said...

This was my favourite thing to do on a Sunday - so sad it closed and just as sad to see they haven't left a clue for relocation. They've probably moved to a tropical island with their woolworths money. Such a shame.

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