Trench coat success

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love, love, love those unexpected days when I find something I actually need at a recycled clothing store. Melbourne winter seems to have hit like a hammer, last week temps still in their mid twenties, and then bam! Fifteen degrees and rain all day. Never mind, rain is a good thing for our dry State.

So on Tuesday I left the house completely underdressed, and ‘froze my face off’ quoting my dear friend Joe. Being the first shopping day after a public holiday, the op shops were pretty busy, including my local church oppy.

I’ve been thinking lately how much I could do with a new winter coat, and really like black trench coats. Imagine my luck when I see another op shopper putting this trench coat back on its rail as she decided not to buy it! It fits me perfectly, and it only cost me 5 bucks. I left the shop decidedly warmer than when I walked in, wearing my 5 bucks trench.

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