Salvo’s half price bargains

Sunday, May 23, 2010

‘Salvo’s’ ...our affectionate name for the Salvation Army. Did you know there are half price bargains to be found in Salvo’s Retail Op Shops every day? Each week items labelled with a certain colour; blue, yellow, purple, orange, are half price. This week, the colour is purple; therefore any item with a purple label attached is 50% off.

I asked a Salvo’s retail shop worker how the colour coded sales work. The coloured items are on week rotation, new clothes put on the shelf this week would be a certain colour (let’s say blue), if that item hasn’t sold by the end of the colour rotation, it, and the other goods in the store with a blue label, are half the price of the printed amount. It is possible to get a half price bargain, but the reality is the best stuff is sold within a few days of being on the shelf.

Worth also noting all Salvo’s have a 20% discount storewide on Tuesdays for concession card holders (but that doesnt include an additional 20% off already reduced half price goods)

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