Recycle is the new Black

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love fashion, but hate the price tag? Look back over the past few decades and see fashion trends come and go; and sure enough those trends come around again on that never ending fashion roundabout. So enough of the high street and back to the op shops, charity shops, thrift stores, vintage stores, markets, garage sales, car boot sales and online auctions to find those special wardrobe pieces.

I will dedicate this blog to reviewing relevant places that trade in second hand and recycled clothing, as well as showing off purchases and other eco-fashion ideas. Mainly in Melbourne, Australia where I live, but also other places I, or blog readers, may visit in search of bargains of the thrift variety.

Didn’t you know? Recycled clothing is the new black, darling!

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Shiva~Moon said...

It is very interesting to see the change of fashion. I know that there was a magazine with one grill modles and two showing the same modle black car. It was shwoing each ten years of their products. From the first one made until now,the change was not so big. Yet again, fashion, not in clothes, repeats itself too.

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