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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Melbourne Op Shop tour I did last weekend, one shopper bought a purple crushed velvet look belt from Salvos. Since then, I can't get the colour purple out of my head.

Purple is such a majestic, elegant colour. Purple is... lavender, royalty, violet flowers, eggplants, plums, grapes, Cadbury’s chocolate wrapper and the last colour of the rainbow.

Two opposite colours; cool blue mixed with hot red, creating this captivating something in-between.

Purple wearing celebrities:

Charlize Theron in Christian Dior

Twlight's Ashley Green at Armani Milan Show

Some second hand purple goodies up for sale on eBay:

Mauve Vintage Bag

Purple Vintage Dress

Purple Vintage Girl Cameo

Purple Long Sleeve Childrens Top

And lastly, my old converse purple trainers I've pulled out of the wardrobe. I haven't worn these shoes in a long time; so happy I've still got them now I'm feeling the purple vibe. My cat wanted to be in the picture with shoes:


sue said...

I love purple too - I have purple Doc Martins that my eldest tried to convince me I had GIVEN to her - uh huh - not likely - semi-permanent loan maybe! I got them when I was pregnant with her I think - she is now 21! Purple rules (and also looks fabo with orange no matter what anyone says!)

Unknown said...

Purple Doc Martins? Wow! Doc Martins have been making a bit of comeback lately. Make sure you claim them back from your daughter and wear them with pride yourself! Thanks for reading my post. Purple rocks.

Missus fashion consultant personal shopper said...

I love everything purple. Specially purple nail polish on my toenails, they're really cute & makes my toenails look nice.

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