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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Social networking sites have their disadvantages, but on the plus side, there is a whole heap of information to be found on such sites as facebook written about everyday things, by everyday people. I did a quick search for facebook groups dedicated to op shopping, and found a few good ones. Discussion forums on such things as where are the best/favourite op shops and the items purchased. I picked out some quotes from these groups which confirm a mutual love for recycled fashion in the form of op shopping:

“It’s the best feeling, finding something you love, and it fits, and it's only like 5 bucks! Yeah!! And it's recycling! Op shopping is good for the planet!!”

“I think i'm actually addicted to opshopping and the rush of finding something amazing for next to nothing!”

And the best story that I had to share:

“What an awesome group, I knew there had to be one and here it is. My grandma taught me the art of op shopping from day dot! I have continued on and taught my kids! They can pick what they like there and find expensive and new items for next to nothing. I live in the country and love the op shops here I am always finding lovely "old" things. Old books are my favourite thing to collect, the older I can find the better, not for their $ value but to see how times have changed!
When I was a teenager, my friends would always ask me where I got something (clotheswise), I could never tell (felt ashamed) except my favourite friend! Funny that people were green with envy over an awesome one -of-a-kind-thing I only paid a dollar for. That particular friend loved the joy she saw me having after buying something awesome and bought me a keyring for Christmas that said "Who says money can't buy happiness?" it sums up my love of op shopping really!”
Trish Martin

A brilliant story, money can buy happiness when op shopping, because it doesn’t burn holes in our pockets, yet we still get that ‘buzz’ of buying something new, with the added accomplishment of seeking it out in the first place.

I do wonder however, does second hand shopping come with an element of embarrassment? I also recall as a teenager looking both ways before entering some of my favourite op shops; I couldn’t bear the thought of someone I knew seeing me thrift shopping. No red faces now though, if I am complimented on my beautiful black satin SATCH skirt, I’ll be honest and say I bought it for $15 from my local Salvos!

‘Bravo’ I say to my fellow op shoppers, and those that donate to them. There are so many gorgeous outfits out there ready to be loved all over again. So take off your wigs and dark glasses and hold your head up high when second hand shopping; its good for the environment and didn’t you know green is now the new black?!

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Peta said...

I felt, and now feel exactly the same. When we used to go in with mum and grandma as kids it was embarrasing but now I'm a proud op-shopper. I must admit though that I get a bit funny when I go to a garage sale where I know the garage-sale-ee. Doesn't stop me going though!

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