Outfit under $40

Sunday, May 23, 2010

There is nothing better than putting together an entire outfit from second-hand / factory second clothing. Here is a ‘global’ outfit I wore today, pulled together from different sources:

Diesel skirt: £4 from ebay.uk and shipped to Australia
All about Eve T Shirt: 50c from St Chad’s op shop in Chelsea
Sportsgirl bag: $2 from JackanAndy's op shop in Sorrento
Puma shoes: £16 factory seconds bought from TK Maxx in Hatfield, UK
Scarf: OK I cheated here, it was bought as a gift for me from my best friend, but that means it cost me $0

‘The Math’ in Australian dollars:
Skirt $ 7.00
T Shirt $ 0.50
Bag: $ 2.00
Shoes: $30.00


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