Melbourne Op Shop Tour - Inner North

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am back after a delightful day out with Melbourne Op Shop's Inner North North. Hosted by the friendly Jordi, a seasoned op shopper, with an eye for a fashion bargain.

The day starts at 11am in Newmarket, where we meet the rest of the group; Heidi from Townsville on a long weekend visit, twins from Cheltenham (brother and sister), and a Mother taking her two 15year old beautiful twins (two sisters) from Blackrock on a birthday treat. A coincidence that the majority of our group live on Melbourne's bayside, and two sets of Gemini twins on the same tour.

The good thing about Melbourne Op Shop Tours is the method of transport between shops; by foot, and public transport (trams), making our second hand shopping experience all the more eco-friendly.

Our first stop; Parish Bargain Shop provides us with a treasuretrove of recycled fashion delights. It is hard for Jodi to pry us away from this bargain op shop with a $1 rack, and two creatively (but economically) decorated changing rooms. So simple, yet effective - fashion magazine pages taped to the back wall:

Secondly, what op shop tour would be complete without a visit to a Salvos? We visited two on this tour, the first has a mezzanine floor for homeware goods and CDs. Picture below standing on the mezzanine floor looking down on the shop:

Our next stop takes us to our first Vintage shop; Martin Fella's vintage store with some gorgeous threads to be found. The buckles on these shoes had a Gullivers Travellers feel about them:

And I fell in love with this Italian lambs wool jumper @ $55

A lunch stop at a cafe where the sweet caramel aroma of roasted coffee reaches your nostrels from a few streets away. Time to reflect on purchases before the food arrives (wholesome food and lots of choice for vegetarians - hooray for me).

Our final three stops consist of two vintage stores and the second Salvos. 'Memoirs' vintage shop is small but beautiful. Here are some photographs taken from the store:

Our last stop at a vintage shop at Queen Vic Market stocks some classic all in one swimsuits:

So how was the day? Excellent! Although some may go with op shop prices in mind, and vintage store prices may be on the costly side, vintage stores do add a certain touch of glamour to the tour, and are still reasonably priced in comparison to the high street. Recycled fashions from past and present are guarenteed to be part of this shopping expedition, coupled with some great siteseeing along the way as most of the tour is done on foot. There are some delightful pattiseries and cafes worth a visit on another second hand shopping trip to North Melbourne and beyond. The tour would be perfect for new visitors to Melbourne, or for someone like myself, new to this area of Melbourne.

Well done to the Melbourne Op Shop Team for organising a fun, interesting and eco-friendly day out. There are two other shopping routes to check out, with more in the pipleline for anyone interested:

Melbourne Op Shop Tour list

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