Love at First Sight Bauhaus Coat

Monday, May 24, 2010

I discovered a Salvos Store online that (gasp) I hadn’t been to before (surely not!). Salvos Carrum Downs is on a corner just off Dandenong Frankston Road. Situated in an industrial area, I can't imagine it would get a lot of passing foot traffic, but seems to have a regular stream of shoppers that know about its location.

Nice easy layout with furniture, clothing, accessories and a homeware section. First surprise, an authentic Burberry bag for $30.   I’m not a Burberry fan, but I’m kicking myself for not buying that bag at such a bargain price, it isn't there anymore because I went back to check. A lesson learnt – never think twice about merchandise in op shops, just buy it and worry about it later.

Secondly, a gorgeous red wool/viscose winter duffle coat by Bauhaus for $30 had my name on it, you could say love at first site:

I’ll be returning to Carrum Salvos for sure; although I bet I don’t find a $30 Burberry bag there next time.

5/ 2 Amayla Crs, Carrum Downs - (03) 9776 4691


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CarolineB said...

That coat is gorgeous!

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