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Sunday, May 23, 2010

A few years back in my previous job, I travelled to The Philippines and visited a truly inspirational street children centre around an hour away from Manila, run by a non-profit organisation Bahay Tuluyan.

Children involved at the centre have been given an opportunity to earn an income by being taught new skills, mainly from handicraft products. During my visit, children were making gorgeous little necklaces made from recycled magazines, which I thought was such a creative idea, and really pretty too. I’ve contacted Bahay Tuluyan’s representative in Melbourne to see if I can buy one of these necklaces and post a picture on my blog. In the meantime, here is their webpage:

This got me thinking about other recycled products that could be used to make jewellery. I stumbled across another website on google called; an artist called Holly from North America makes jewellery from old newspapers, comics, expired coupons, stock listings, Sudoku puzzles and sweetener packets and sells them on her website. Look at these cute earrings below made from recycled sweetener packets, how original!

Buying such jewellery online probably doesn’t have the same ‘feel good’ factor as buying from a street children centre in The Philippines, but regardless it is very innovative. Jewellery that takes recycled fashion to an entire new level.

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