How much are you worth?

Monday, May 24, 2010

An interesting article in last Friday’s MX newspaper ‘Wear’s Wallet’ asks how much we are wearing in clothing value. A UK study (funded by an insurance company) found that a majority of us are unaware of how much our threads really cost. Women reportedly wear an average of $1700 worth of clothes and accessories each day, with men surprisingly not far behind at $1550. That’s a scary thought isn’t it?

The MX reporter writes of a study done in her office, where most colleagues underestimated the value of their outfits.

Years ago on a visit to Mauritius, Bernie, a Mauritian tour guide living in Port Louis, admitted to spending a majority of his monthly wage on one pair of Diesel jeans. I am talking about real Diesel jeans of course, not imitation. Very nice jeans they were, but a surprising purchase in a nation with low disposable income.

As a second hand shopper, a majority of my clothes would cost anywhere from $1 - $100 for any one item, although I do admit to buying retail new from time to time. Here is an estimate of the outfit I am wearing today:

Skinny leg jeans by Bershka UK£24 ($40 equivalent),
Ankle tan buckle boots UK£34 half price sale Top Shop ($57 equivalent)
Belt op shop unknown brand $5
Long sleeve black Garfunkle T-Shirt, Op shop $3.50
short sleeve knitwear unknown label $4 Salvos
Stirling silver hoop earrings $10
Silver Bag $1 op shop.

TOTAL $120.50.

All thanks to second hand threads (and summer sales!) otherwise I could have tripled that figure.

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