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Sunday, May 23, 2010

I found an online store today that sells fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly stuff. There is a fashion ‘department’ that offers clothing and accessories for sale. Whilst not all products are recycled, there are some that include recycled materials, such as the recycled footwear range.

These men’s shoes look particularly funky, called the Simple Shoes Tuba Trainer they are made from recycled and organic cotton materials:
£60 which on today’s exchange rate to Australian dollar is $98. Pretty cool yes?

According to Ethical Superstore’s press release posted 19th January, despite the economic downturn, they have "seen a huge rise in consumers easing their eco conscience by purchasing from the vast array of fair trade, organic and eco-friendly products available through the online retailer."

On the topic of Fair Trade, according to Wikipedia, in 2008, Fair trade certified sales amounted to approximately €2.9 billion (US $4.08 billion) worldwide, a 22% year-to-year increase. As per December 2008. 22% increase?; that’s HUGE!

It would be nice to think that consumers are becoming more eco-friendly driven when it comes to buying fashion, particularly being an industry not known for being particularly ethical. On the flip side, recycled, fair trade and organic materials are sometimes not all that friendly on our pockets. Perhaps it would be best to stick to second hand instead?

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