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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion seasons come and go; this means a lot of wasted material when these clothes go out of fashion and are discarded. Worse still, retail stores which overstock on particular items that do not sell, what happens to the clothes?

I was passed a link to an article by a friend living in New York earlier this year, documented a H&M Clothing retail shop on 35th Street, NY discarded bags full of unsold clothes outside the back of their store. Not only that, but the clothes were slashed to prevent other people wearing or reselling them. If H&M didn’t want others to make a profit, surely giving to charitable shops or homeless shelters would have been a better idea?

More about that story here

Everyday many households discard old garments into their trash. Clothes that are still in wearable condition, but are simply out of fashion or just don’t fit anymore. Fabrics can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill. Polyester and nylon takes a much longer period of time to break down, and being made from petroleum based products, end up contaminating landfills and our environment. Makes you think doesn’t it? So a message to all, don’t throw away good clothes, take five minutes of your time and drop off at op shops or charitable recycle bins provided. And, where possible, buy second hand .. its good for the environment.

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