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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a wedding to go to in July. As usual I have nothing to wear! No success with dresses in recent op shop hunts, so instead I have been browsing eBay.

I bid on a Topshop dress on eBay UK for £0.99p last week, and won the auction! I am thrilled, because todays post arrived from my Mum in England, and in the envelope - the Topshop dress. It is stunning and fits me perfectly, has an almost vintage look about it with the white lace trim sleeves and neckline. I am considering matching up the dress with red accessories; red shoes, jacket (possibly big red coat purchase from Salvos last week if its really cold) and red bag. I dont have a red bag though, so might need to go 'opping for that.

Here is my beloved new dress:


nadine paduart said...

lucky you; it's gorgeous!

sue said...

Wow - that looks great - you will be the belle of the ball - I mean wedding!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful dress, great buy.
Melissa x

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