Clothes that are past their sell by date

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sometimes, there are clothes that we really can’t wear anymore. Whether they are blemished beyond stain remover repair or punctured with holes, the clothes that probably wouldn’t sell at a charity store. So what to do with these clothes? For the crafty-types, and those that are nifty with a needle and thread, here are some ideas:

1. Patchwork quilt; collect old clothing, cut into squares and stitch together to make a quilt or wall hanging decoration
2. Cut off buttons and zippers and save for future clothing items that may need replacements
3. Cover cardboard boxes for decorative storage containers

Failing that, there is also the option to cut old T-shirts into squares and use for dish rags, mop head replacements or car cleaning cloths.

To recreate fashion pieces from old, I found a website ( selling unique clothing for children made from recycled materials which the designer calls ‘up-cycling’ – very creative. Check out some of these:

Another creative idea by a blogger called Rachel ( She makes new tops from old T-shirts to include collar and buttons from an old shirt, check out some of these, very inspiring:

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