Car Boot Sales

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Car boot sales are well known across the UK, and are usually held in large car parks or fields, mainly in the summer. They might be considered big markets but with a difference; individual vendors sell their household goods, clothes, toys and the like out of the back of their cars. These days however, most sellers bring a fold away table to display their goods for sale.

A quote from Wikipedia:

"Car boot sales are a way of focussing a large group of people in one place to recycle still useful but unwanted domestic items that previously might have been thrown away"

In Australia we have the equivalent with Trash and Treasure markets, same concept, but just without the cars!

Boot sales are fabulous for second hand household items, but clothes and accessories are always for sale, with some real bargains to be found. I’ve been searching through my wardrobe to find previous boot sale clothing merchandise; can’t find anything as it’s been so long. However, my favourite ever boot sale purchase is this oil painting I picked up at Brighton’s Sunday Car Boot sale in the UK which sits proudly in my kitchen. I bargained with the seller, £5 down to £3. It has been shipped in cargo from the UK to Australia, and still remains in tact. I don’t know where the painting is from, but looks obviously Mediterranean; Italy perhaps? Recycled fashion doesn’t have to stop at clothes and accessories; so this is my little piece of recycled home-ware

A website worth noting for those based in, or going to the UK Your Booty a car boot sales Directory.

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Peta said...

i mainly look for fashion items too but always have a bit of a search of the homewares too - you never know what treasures you're gonna find.

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