A Beautiful Recycle Poem

Monday, May 24, 2010

THANKYOU to Trish Martin. Trish has given me permission to publish a beautiful poem written by her Nan, June Hill. Additionally a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to June, she turns 80 next month! Here is her poem:

RECYCLE by June Hill.

My friends say that when I die
I’ll go to that op shop in the sky.
Oh, they can joke, for I’m well-dressed,
For Vinnies boutique is just the best.
Some may sneer and turn away
but when purses are empty and you can’t pay
for fancy labels and the latest gear,
quality goods are always here.
No snooty girls in this fine place
With eagle eyes and a haughty face
sizing up your ample figure,
saying, ‘Madam, opt for something bigger!’
A Sportscraft skirt that will last forever
and a stylish jacket made of leather.
Some silver shoes and an evening gown
and I wouldn’t call the queen my own!

Billabong, David Jones and Millers,
Hipsters, briefs and passion killers.
Nighties, bras and babywear,
curtains, pots and kitchen gear.
Todays is a throw away society.‘
Easy come and go,’ my mother would say.
But what’s one man’s trash is another’s treasure,
and recycling gives me so much pleasure

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