The art of second hand shopping

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is there an art to second hand shopping? Do some of us have a 'gift' which enables us to seek out the colours, textures, patterns and know what works in their head, whereas others might prefer to select off the rack in fashion already mapped out for the general public, trusting it would look good because the item is ‘fashionable’. 
I hear of people that gasp when their friends and family mention a garment they are wearing has been purchased second hand for $5 when it looks so good. “But I never find anything in op shops” they may say. Or two friends will shop together, and one will leave with a handful of clothes, the other with none and say “where did you find all that?”

Perhaps there are people who are born with a keen eye for style, and thus can put together an outfit that suits their body shape, colouring and hide their flaws.

Does it come down to wearing clothes with confidence? Because lets face it, second hand shopping does not come without the eccentric, unusual, bizarre one off pieces that some people would not have the confidence to wear, but others would give it a try and make it work. Wear a unique outfit with an air of confidence and anything can look good.

What about patience? Do second hand shoppers have more patience than those that don’t? Patience to deal with musty smells, rows upon rows of nylon and polyester in the faint hope of finding silk, or wading through racks of Target castoffs in anticipation for a one off Ralph Lauren?

Are second hand shoppers just lucky? Being in the right place at the right time? Absolutely! Although if it was all down to luck, I’m quite sure I am due a lottery win sometime soon.

Seek and you shall find people.. seek and you shall find.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Well written. Totally agree with all the above! And you're right, wearing something with confidence makes all the difference to an outfit. Often when I see someone looking great in an outfit, it's mostly due to the strong walk, head held high and smile on their face.

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