New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Zealand embraced eco fashion last week with New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed gathering ethical, sustainable, ecologically friendly, yet stylish and cutting edge fashion from both New Zealand and beyond over a five day festival

 :: Designer: Green Embassy Photo: Simon Armstrong ::

This year's event took place in the beautiful city of Lower Hutt, a 30-minute drive from Wellington International Airport, New Zealand, featuring several runway shows, a series of workshops, a designer pop-up and the Exposed Eco Expo.

Stylist Nora Swann of Kila’s Style presented a unique segment of the show in 'thrift shop challenge', presenting and coordinating stylish looks using thrift store bought garments.

Director of Exposed, Denise Anglesey, supplied her own upcycled range to the runway, with a presentation of 20 looks in the an 'eco vintage challenge' via her label Denise H. Anglesey created looks using vintage dresses, reused fabrics and other garments, presenting each design on the runway before the secrets of its origins were revealed. 

:: Designer: Denise HPhoto: Maxine Shea - Captur8 Photography ::

Friday’s show also featured a wide selection of eco designers, and the Dulux Eco Designer Runway took place at 7pm on Saturday 26 July.
 :: Designer Dane Dagger  Photo Masanori Udagawa / ::

In addition to the Dulux Eco Designer Runway, Saturday’s schedule also featured a pop-up shop and expo held at 151 High Street in Lower Hutt featuring items for sale from a selection of the showing designers, plus other fashion and accessories.

 :: Designer Melanie Child, Photo Masanori Udagawa / ::

If you'd like to follow NZ Eco Fashion Exposed, you can find out more on and Facebook.

Nice job, NZ.


Recycled Fashion Blog Update

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Readers, as I settle into life as a mother of two, Recycled Fashion blog posts have been rather sporadic in nature. I know it has been 8 months since baby #2 arrived in my world, but the adjustment has taken some getting used to.

For the time being, I'm afraid blog posts will still remain rather infrequent until such time that my little guy settles into life as a child beyond baby years.

I will continue to write when I can, share facebook posts relevant to the content of this blog as well as instagram and tweet when a spare moment arises.

One day, I will dust off ye old sewing machine again ... one day.

In the meantime, here is the older 'baby', turning 6 soon, showing off his recycled efforts.

:: "Look Mum, I'm a Ninja!" ::

Until next time ...


Second Hand Disco Party Dresses

Friday, July 11, 2014

I have an invitation to a party, not just any ol' shin-dig, this is an excuse for a dress up, complete with an award for the 'best dressed'. The dress code for the night is a fun one - second hand disco party dresses; frocks of glitter, shine, ballgowns and op shop horrors, now if that isn't the start of a top night out I don't know what is. As yet, there are no frocks on my shortlist, but a browse on the www has raised a few eyebrows and opened the disco shopping floodgates.

Should I go for:

..a 70s glitter mini dress with a touch of glam rock

:: from Fat Vintage ::

..a gold party dress with vintage flair

:: from Harlem Rag Shop :: 80's prom dress complete with gold geometrics and party bow

:: from Dogstar Bazaar ::

..a 90's gunmetal taffeta number

..a sleeveless beaded flapper-esque piece

:: from Detroit Clothes ::

...or all out sequins

:: from Polina Ivanova ::

Whaddya reckon?


No Sew T-shirt Bag

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

T-shirt grocery bags are one of the easiest upcycle projects you can do, simply take an unwanted t-shirt, a pair of scissors, and sew one straight line at the bottom

Did you know though, there is an easier way to make a t-shirt bag without the need for a needle and thread? There are two no sew t-shirt bag tutorials that I can't wait to try out, one by Lee seen on using the bottom t-shirt hem to make a drawstring casing:

:: seen on ::

The other, a no sew fringe t-shirt bag seen on Tealou & Sweatpea, is done by cutting long strips at the bottom of an old t-shirt, that are tied together in knots to secure:

:: seen on Tealou & Sweatpea ::

Call me lazy, but I love it when a simple project gets even easier, don't you?


JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I must admit, I'm not much of a watch wearer, although that's not to say I don't like or appreciate watch designs. Mr Recycled on the other hand, loves his watches and is rarely seen without one.

I received an email asking if I would like to review a JORD wood watch. Handcrafted JORD wood watches aim to be as eco-friendly as possible, made using sustainable woods sourced from around the world, without the necessity to use rubber or plastics.

Taking the opportunity to gift a JORD wood watch to Mr Recycled, he chose his preferred design settling on Fieldcrest in natural green.

:: Fieldcrest in Natural Green ::

Our nicely boxed watch arrived last week. On first appearance one would expect JORD wood watches to be heavy, but that is quite the opposite and probably the most surprising feature of all.  The best characteristic has to be its distinct woody smell that you might expect of a tree after rainfall.  Impeccably made and beautiful to look at, JORD wood watches quickly received our nod of approval, such a refreshing alternative to clunky metal.

Due to their natural make up, JORD wood watches are one-of-a-kind pieces, no two will be identical, even if you do choose to order two of the same line.

I'd also like to share a little upcycle project seen on JORD's blog, where artist Dan Tanenbaum creates a mini motorcycle masterpiece using several  JORD Wood timepieces. Sweet, yes?

:: via JORD Wood Watch blog ::

JORD Wood Watch Giveaway

JORD have graciously agreed to giveaway a second watch to one Recycled Fashion reader. To be in for a chance of winning one of JORD's beautiful sustainable wood watches, enter via rafflecopter below.  The contest will remain open for two weeks, a winner selected on Wednesday 8 July.

Check out the full JORD Wood Watch range here.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary watch to assist with this blog post, but no other compensation.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rag Weaving Inspiration

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Followers on facebook and instagram will be aware that I took part in a rag weaving class with Handmaker's Factory last weekend. Rag weaving is an age old handicraft that recycles unwanted clothes, fabric and yarn in a technique that can be used to make rugs, pot holders, placemats and similar. You can read more on my Weekend Notes article, and Handmaker's Factory blog.

:: Rag Weaving Class at Handmaker's Factory ::

Now that I have acquired a new recycle craft skill as well as a weaving frame courtesy of Handmaker's Factory, I have been searching the web for rag weaving inspiration - ways in which this technique can be incorporated into a recycled fashion piece.

The most obvious choice would have to be a rag woven bag by weaving a series of fabric strips to make a few pieces large enough to sew into a tote, clutch or purse.

Here are some examples:

:: Nautical Style Recycled Rag Weave Tote by ACLhandweaver ::

:: Multicoloured Rag Weave Clutch by GirlGeniusGoods ::

:: Rag Weave Coin Purse also by ACLhandweaver ::

On the fashion front, Geneva's rug mini skirt shared on her blog back in 2011 can't go without a mention.  Although Geneva did not weave first, she did use two woven dollar store rugs to make it:

:: Rug Skirt seen on A Pair and a Spare ::

Moving away from fashion, yet using old garments to create new, denim can be a great material to use to weave into durable rugs and placemats:

:: Nudie Jeans Recycle Rag Rug seen on Denim Observer ::

:: Denim Placemat seen on The Country Farm Home ::

I am sure there are plenty more rag weave pieces to be inspired by on the net, if you know if any more, feel free to leave a comment below.


Greener Grads

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A US initiative Greener Grads emailed through a video the other day which I found quite interesting, and I think you will too.

We often think of disposable fashion as wasteful, but what about graduation gowns worn by tens of thousands of student graduates each year?. Many students and parents purchase a brand new gown for graduation ceremonies without giving it a second thought, when the reality is, that gown is worn for a mere 90 minutes - 90 minutes folks, if that isn't wasteful wear, then I don't know what is.

Seth Yon, a former employee of a graduation industry giant wanted to utilise his unique skill set to focus on offering students and their families environmentally friendly graduation products at a more affordable price through his new site Greener Grads.

With the help of Goodwill, Greener Grads has a mission to collect and sort gowns, with a goal to collect 10k gowns in spring and summer. Collected gowns will be steam cleaned and barcoded to tell their travel story. The good news is that Greener Grads is well on the way to reaching that goal, and Seth is now in the process of building an e-commerce side of the site to offer the resale of recovered gowns by fall 2014.

If you have a gown you would like to donate or you are interested in finding out more, head to Greener Grads website or Facebook page.

Good luck to you and your team Seth.

Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Greener Grads, Seth Yon has no clue who I am other than to send me an email introducing his business.. and what a great initiative it is.

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