Doodle Skirt Refashion

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Worn correctly, black and white outfits can be the epitome of sophistication, but sometimes this is a combination that cries out for a bit of colour, which is exactly what I thought when I found this skirt on the sale rack in the Op Shop for $2.50.

:: $2.50 Op Shop Skirt ::

With a printed pattern comparable to zentangle designs, and inspiration from this dress, I got to work with a packet of fabric crayons to give this skirt a new look without the need to cut or sew.

Weee! who knew how much fun colouring in doodles could be?

:: Colouring the doodles ::

I did get to a point though, when I wondered whether I should soldier on, which is when I put the question out to social media followers: should I continue colouring the entire skirt, gradually reduce colour toward top of skirt, or leave as is.

:: Doodle Skirt Refashion ::

Most said leave it, some said gradually reduce colour, I went with something in-between.

:: Doodle Skirt Refashion ::

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out, matched with black and white for the rest of my chosen outfit to bring out the rainbow of colour in the bottom half of my skirt.

Do you prefer an outfit of black and white, or a splash of colour?

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May 4th Be With You, In Fashion

Friday, April 18, 2014

In a few weeks from now on May 4th, the world celebrates Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday honouring the pop culture phenomenon Star Wars, created by George Lucas.

Some say Star Wars has never been out of fashion, although now is a good a reason as any to celebrate the cult classic space movie series, particularly with the anticipated release of Star Wars Episode VII in December 2015. Here we have a round up of the best geek-chic Star Wars related fashion shared on the web:

Star Wars Ball Gowns

Star Wars Dresses for Little Girls

:: Made by handmadebyDarcy ::

:: R2D2 and C3PO Twins seen on Pinterest (original source unknown) ::

Upcycled Star Wars Pieces

 :: Star Wars T-shirt Dress seen on Pinterest via TieFighters ::

:: Upcycled Sheet Star Wars Chapter One Dress made by ChaDesigns ::

:: Upcycled Darth Vader T-shirt Halter Top made by boobercakes ::

:: Vintage Cotton Star Wars Dress made by passerinedresses ::

:: Modified Levi's Star Wars Shorts made by sergeanddestroy ::


:: Yoda embellished cardigan made by Lush Cherry ::


 :: Chewbacca & Hans Solo Toms by ChangeYourFate ::

:: Painted Stormtrooper Vans by ShoesBySmiley ::

And to leave you with a smile on your dial, I give you - Mewbacca:

 :: source ::

May 4th Be With You, In Fashion


Fashion Superstar on Cut Out + Keep

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Craft tutorial site Cut Out + Keep asked I'd like to feature as one of their weekly Fashion Superstar's, sharing a fashion DIY project a day over the course of a week. How could I say no to that? Not only is Cut Out + Keep a fantastic resource site filled with inspiration to try your hand out at your own craft projects (fashion or otherwise) at home, but it isn't every day one gets to hold the title of Fashion Superstar for a week either!.

Starting today, one of my fashion projects will be shared with readers every day. If you'd like to have a look, you can do so on the following link


Thrifty Fashionista Market at Westfield Southland

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Westfield Southland dipped their shopping centre toes into the world of recycled fashion today, running their first ever "Thrifty Fashionista Market" within the centre court shopping mall.

:: Thrifty Fashionista Market @ Westfield Southland ::

Vintage and pre-loved are two types of fashion that you would least associate with a shopping mall, yet Westfield Southland broke down that barrier offering 15 stallholders the chance to offload their vintage and pre-loved wares to fashion shoppers.  Stalls were offered at $50, with all proceeds going to Bayside Special Developmental School.

:: Thrifty Fashionista Market @ Westfield Southland ::

What a pleasure to browse second hand goods within a shopping centre that is usually reserved for high street retail.  Some of Melbourne's popular blogger's were present, including Phoebe Montague (Lady Melbourne) Trish Hunter (Trish Hunter Finds) and Candice DeVille (Super Kawaii Mama).

:: Trish Hunter Finds @ Thrifty Fashionista Market ::

It is difficult to know whether the event turned out to be a success or not, as I arrived quite early in the day.
 :: Thrifty Fashionista Market @ Westfield Southland ::
One can only hope that the first Thrifty Fashionista Market at Westfield Southland proved successful enough to hold similar markets in other shopping malls around Melbourne and beyond.


Australian Ugg Boots

Friday, April 11, 2014

A meme doing the rounds on Facebook caused a few giggles recently, portraying winter footwear in Australia as nothing more than thongs (flip-flops) with socks.

In some parts of our sunburnt country, this is nothing short of the truth. Winter boots are far from anyone's wardrobe in the Northern Territory, Far North Queensland and parts of Western Australia.

On the other hand, us Southern folk are not blessed with warm winter weather and boots are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. I, for one, do not consider winter to have truly arrived until I have dusted off my ol' Australian Ugg Boots. I must confess, my Uggs were not purchased second hand, they were picked from a store in St Kilda when I first arrived in the country. 8 years of wear and still in pretty fine shape I made add, which isn't bad going for any pair of shoes.  Australian Ugg Boots are one of the few brands of boots that are still made in Australia

:: The Family of Ugg Wearer's ::

Country Road top from Salvos

I know some folk turn their nose up at the thought of wearing the infamous Aussie boot out of the house, but I totally embrace my Australian Ugg Boots and I'm not shy to wear them out in public either.  I put the Ugg question out to my Facebook friends asking if they, too, own a pair of Australian Ugg Boots, and if so, do they wear them out of the house. I received a mix bag of answers, ranging from a "Hell, no" to owning or wearing Uggs through to "Absolutely! I own two pairs" although most would not admit to wearing their Sheepskin's out, restricting their Australian Ugg Boots to the comfort of their own homes.

For a bit of fun, I've put together a poll, to ask you the same question. Feel free to comment too. I'd love to know if you embrace the Ugg.


Would/do you wear Uggs out of the house? free polls

If you would like to check out the full range of Australian Ugg Boots you can do so here.

An Interview with Caroline from Second Childhood

Monday, April 7, 2014

There is a wonderful second hand in Malvern, Melbourne's South East that sells pre-loved children's clothes to budget friendly shoppers.Second Childhood works on a consignment basis, giving local parents the opportunity to get some of the money back they have spent on quality labels for their own children.


Caroline, the lady behind Second Childhood, shares her shop with Recycled Fashion readers:

:: An Interview with Caroline from Second Childhood ::

Can you tell us about your shop?

My shop is called Second Childhood and I sell recycled kids designer clothes and accessories. All our items are in excellent condition, many still as new, with tags.

:: Second Childhood ::

My shop works on a consignment basis. People bring their kids clothes to me to sell on their behalf and we split the sale price. It’s no fuss for consignors and they’re doing a world of good by recycling clothes that still have a lot of life left in them. As for the buyers, well, they get amazing designer kids clothes at incredible prices.

What are your trading hours?

We’re open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm each day.

:: Second Childhood Window Display ::

Why did you decide to open your shop?

Second Childhood has been going now for around 23 years and is an institution. We’re at 44 Glenferrie Road in Malvern, surrounded by young families and schools. I took it over about two and a half years ago, and I love it!

Are second childhood goods available to buy online?

We have an online store and are in the process of building it up. Most of our business happens in-store because the Second Childhood experience is one of discovery and surprise. We literally have thousands of items in stock and people just love browsing and exploring and they usually come away with something beautiful and unexpected.  The online store complements the bricks and mortar shop, and obviously gives people who live in country Vic or in other States the chance to buy the gorgeous clothes we have. We try and photograph our clothes in a true light so that people can see exactly what the clothes look like, and very importantly, so they can get a really good sense of condition.

Can you tell us about your involvement with the Sustainable Living Festival?

We wanted to be part of the Sustainable Living Festival because we felt that our aims aligned. Clothes use a lot of resources to get made and kids clothes obviously don’t often get to the end of their lives because kids grow up so quickly.  Therefore, we want to make the most of everything that has gone into making these really exquisite designer clothes to, in a real sense, make them more sustainable. The event we held was a runway show featuring half a dozen of my customers kids modelling some of our pieces – they had a ball and the smiles on their Mum’s faces was lovely to see.

:: Sustainable Living Festival Fashion Show ::

Would you like to show us some of the products you currently have for sale?

Of course – here are a few in store now (Dino&Lucia 2 piece navy wool suit size 12, Oilily Jacket patterned size 5 both $49.00) Otherwise, just go to and have a look online.

:: Dino & Lucia 2 Piece Navy Wool Suit ::

::Oilily Jacket ::

You can also follow Second Childhood on Facebook. Thank you for sharing your shop with us Caroline, can't wait to visit.


10 minute Trouser Hem Fix

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hong Kong based NGO Redress has a mission to promote environmental sustainability through fashion. In April, Redress challenges individuals to tackle clothing that needs repair through their initiative get Redressed. Most of us own clothes in our wardrobes that are in need of a little TLC, now is the time to get fixing.

This is a challenge that fits in with a quick sewing project I completed this week; a 10 minute trouser hem fix. I found a pair of high waist trousers in an op shop for just a dollar last month, they fit perfectly at the waist but were far too long for my short height - usual story. I put them aside, knowing I'd get around to fixing them someday - and I did, on Monday morning.

I've seen quite a few online tutorials to re-hem jeans using the existing hem, the result is excellent and far easier than re-hemming after a cut. Surely if you can do this with jeans, you could do the same with trousers too?  Well yes, you can, in just 10 minutes.  Here is the before and after:

:: 10 minute Trouser Hem Fix ::

Here is how:

Step 1 Decide where you would like your hem, and fold up the existing hem to desired length.

:: fold existing to desired length ::

Step 2 Pin desired hem length in place

Step 3 Sew a straight line just under the existing cuff

Step 4 Try on for size, fold down your cuff to make sure you are happy with your new hem length.  If you are happy with your length, cut excess fabric away from your stitched line with pinking shears.

Step 5 Iron and wear

Hooray for easy yet practical sewing projects.


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